One of our main concerns at Mechanical Systems Company, LLC is our employees. We want our employees to come to work each day and return home each night in the same condition as they were when they arrived for their work day. To provide our company and employees the best safety, we turned to Pearson Safety Services, LLC to do the job.

Pearson Safety Services, LLC is a third party professional safety consulting firm that assists companies in establishing, updating, and/or implementing safety programs that include written policies and procedures, training, site surveys, risk management, and any other items regarding safety that will aid in promoting a healthy and safe work environment for the employees of their clients.

We have committed to a safe and healthy workplace from the start of our business and we utilize PSS in these endeavors.  Our commitment to safety includes our employees and any subcontractors that work with our company. Our efforts to provide the best safety have been persistent and we continue to use PSS to conduct annual trainings for our employees to make sure that the safety standards are met each year along with achieving the safety goals we have set for ourselves. We also use PSS services for specialty trainings that employees may need. Our commitment to keeping our employees safe prevails and exceeds many expectations.

We are happy that Pearson Safety Services, LLC provides us the best safety services each year with annual trainings, along with other specialized trainings to fit certain jobs. We are glad to say that PSS has provided us with the best safety services for many years. We know that with the efforts of Pearson Safety Services, and ours, our employees will be as safe as they can be and that they will return home, safely, each night.

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Pearson Safety