Around the clock service

Who We Are
Mechanical Systems Company is a Linc Service® Contractor, which means we follow the principles of the Linc System to provide preventive HVAC service and energy solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. The Linc System has been a proven method for success and it clearly separates us from the competition. We are also part of the international Linc Service® Network, which is comprised of more than 160 mechanical contractors. All of us are connected by our desire to provide the best possible service our industry has to offer.
What We Do
Utilizing Linc Service® in our business, Mechanical Systems Company customizes solutions for our clients that maximize their operating budgets, increase the efficiencies of their buildings, and prolong the life of building assets. We use the resources of Linc Service to add tremendous value for our clients in many ways, namely:
– Reduced owning & operating costs
– Improved equipment reliability and uptime
– Increased building comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ)
– Enhanced responsiveness and service
– Increased energy efficiency and sustainability
How We Help
No matter where you work or what you do, today’s facilities are faced with many challenges that impact not only how your business operates, but also the comfort and productivity of your occupants. Mechanical Systems Company understands these challenges, and we are here to help! For us, it’s a matter of utilizing the Linc System to create innovative building management and energy efficient programs.
A Consultative Approach
We systematically examine every aspect of your building’s operating costs to evaluate what you are spending now, find inefficiencies, and clearly identify areas for improvement.
A Customized Solution
Years of technical and financial expertise go to work in designing and implementing customizable solutions to maximize your operating budget, increase building efficiency, and help prolong the life of your assets.

An Implementation Process that Works
Our deep industry experience and proven practices allow us to exceed expectations every time, with the goal of being 100% referable. This proven process produces real results, namely:
– Proactive and Preventive Maintenance
– Retrofits and Replacements
– Commissioning and Re-commissioning
– Building Automation/Controls
– Guaranteed Energy Solutions
– System Design
– Engineering
– Expert Project Management
– Energy Efficiency Programs
– Measurement and Verification
– Energy Audits/Management
– LEED/ENERGY STAR certification
– Commercial Plumbing Service
– Backflow Testing and Repairs

As a Linc Service Contractor, we have gained a reputation as the premier HVAC service provider in the Mid-South. We specialize in building value and providing serviceable solutions to our clients in several industries. Our capabilities in these industries have enabled our clients to reduce their owning & operating costs and make their buildings more efficient, safe, and sustainable. With decades of Linc expertise fortifying our mechanical service base, we provide the right solutions every time – no matter what your facility’s needs are.
Our clients often tell us they are trying to overcome the same obstacles – rising energy costs, shrinking resources, and decreased funding. They also find themselves in aging structures with unpredictable operating budgets that experience reduced building efficiency. More than ever, facility decision-makers must do more with less.
Mechanical Systems Company, LLC creates comprehensive programs that look at the entire life cycle cost of a facility, so that critical decisions can be made with both current and future goals in mind.

o There are nearly 6 million commercial buildings and industrial facilities (combined) in the U.S
o The combined annual energy costs for U.S. commercial buildings and industrial facilities is $400 billion
o The combined percentage of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions generated by commercial buildings and industrial facilities is 45%
o HVAC systems account for 39% of the energy used in commercial buildings in the United States